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Herbs that raise eicosanoid / prostaglandin levels

Herbs that raise eicosanoid / prostaglandin levels
Macadamia nut

Macadamia nut

When we eat essential fatty acids (the Omega-3 and Omega-6) that are found in many foods, such as seed oils and fish, they are converted inside the body into chemicals known as eicosanoids. There are various subdivisions of this family of chemicals, but to keep it simple, eicosanoids are also called prostaglandins. Interestingly prostaglandins were fist isolated from semen in the early 1930's, the name prostaglandin deriving from the prostate gland as it takes part in semen production, male sexual function and fertility. The functions of eicosanoids are many and they act as signalling molecules, chemical switches if you will, turning functions on and off. They play a vital part in the health of almost every part of the body but they are vital for fertility and sexual function in both males and females. There is, in fact, a drug called alprostadil, that is an eicosanoid prescribed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is also important to state that the eicosanoids are essential for blood flow and maintaining the health of blood vessels, another critical factor in sexual function as we have discussed. My favourite source of essential fatty acids is hemp seed oil and there is no reason why anyone interested in optimising sexual function for any reason could not add this oil to their daily dietary regimen. To read all about essential fatty acids, hemp seed oil, eicosanoids and how they work in the body click here.

Omega-7 fatty acid/palmitoleic acid

There is one particular fatty acid that need a special mention when it comes to improving sexual function, and that is the Omeg-7 fatty acid palmitoleic acid. It is not classed as an essential fatty as it can be made out of another fatty acid. However, it is essential if you are a suffering vaginal dryness as a consequence of the menopause. Palmitoleic acid is particularly important in the maintenance of the skin in general but of the delicate lining membranes, such as those of the vagina and the eyes, in particular. The best sources of this amazing fatty acid are sea buckthorn oil which contains around 24%-30% palmitoleic acid and macadamia nut oil which contains between 19%-24% palmitoleic acid. The major difference between the two is that macadamia oil is generally a lot cheaper than sea buckthorn oil, it is also a lot better tasting! This fatty acid is also found in avocados, in lower quantities, but nevertheless constituting an additional useful dietary item for those suffering dryness.

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