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The Damask Rose

An Intimate History of an Incredible Plant

Damask Rose
The book on a stick!

The book on a stick!

This is a book written by Medical Herbalist Stuart FitzSimons. It has been printed onto a colourful memory stick and can be read on any computer with a USB port. The handy card sized memory stick means that it is easy to store or carry with you wherever you go.

If you love your roses you’ll be fascinated and amazed by the intimate connection that has existed between man and the damask rose, and you may be shocked by the sheer number of uses mankind has found for this beautiful and useful plant.

You’ll begin to see damask rose in a whole new light. You’ll see beyond their use as a colourful and fragrant garden distraction and you’ll probably end up growing more and more of them as you look beyond the pretty face and begin to feel the beating heart of the damask rose whilst learning of the incredible gifts it has offered to humanity in our struggle through history.

The book includes the following chapters...

Where do damask roses come from?:

"Nobody knows exactly who bred the first damask rose, if indeed human hands were involved in its conception, or where in the world the first damask was found. Stuart reaches back thousands of years to attempt to answer these questions and comes up with some interesting suggestions of his own!"

How important rose extracts are produced:

"The processes by which the essential oil is extracted and rose water is made along with the production of rose absolute, concrete and wax are described in detail."

The scent of roses:

"In this chapter Stuart analyses the components of the essential oil to define the exact components involved in creating the distinctive aroma of what can truly be described as the number one perfume ingredient, and the most expensive. We also take a detour into the effects that this special oil and scent has on human beings, exploring why this particular flower and its oil are so closely connected with love and God!"

Damask rose - the medicine:

"Apart from its status as number one perfume damask rose has been an important medicine in every major traditional system of medicine on Earth. The Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and Europeans all depended on the healing power of this beautiful plant. It has found a particular use in the treatment of womens problems and skin diseases. Stuart, a medical herbalist, describes exactly how it works."

Damask rose - the cosmetic:

"Did you know that the oldest cleansing, anti-wrinkle and rejuvenating skin cream on Earth is based on damask rose? It dates from the Roman era and still out sells many modern skin creams. Again Stuart tells us exactly how damask rose extracts benefit the skin and why damask rose extracts have stood the test of time to become the most important ingredients in skin care products."

Growing and caring for damask roses:

"Do you have trouble growing roses or want to start growing them. Stuart tells you exactly how to get the best out of your roses in this chapter."

Rose resources:

"Where do you buy top quality roses? Check out the list of top quality suppliers inside the book!"

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